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Monday, June 8, 2015

What To Expect When…

Surprise! We’re expecting!

I have waited years to be able to say those words out loud… and the time has finally come to publicly announce the news! We are currently just over 15 weeks pregnant and are due November 2015.

We have been sharing the news with our closest friends and family over the past few weeks, and the last big reveal took place on Saturday at our niece’s birthday party since that seems to be the time and place to make this sort of announcement. We have a few other people to tell in the coming weeks (including Facebook, but I'm not ready for that yet) so I am taking a risk putting this out there right now, but I don’t think they read this blog so we should be safe!

We gave my mother-in-law a small box with a baby sized onesie inside saying "That's it! I'm going to grandma's!", and just to make sure she would get it we stuck a collage of ultrasounds on it too! She was surprised, happy, overwhelmed and shocked all at the same time. So not only is someone becoming a grandma again but, sure enough, someone IS becoming an aunt again too… only it’s not me for once, it’s my SIL!

Over the next few days I will share posts that were written during the first couple of months of our new journey. Obviously I couldn’t post anything then, but I have shared everything until now so I wanted them to be included. And yes, as usual, we did have a bumpy start but all is well now! Remember that when you are reading please!!

I am excited to see what our new journey has to bring us. It is a little scary as well, but this is all I have ever wanted and after everything we have been through I feel I am ready for anything life brings us now.

And to the very few family and friends who knew about this from the moment I peed on a stick (or maybe 3), thank you for keeping our secret and thank you for being there in our times of need. Things were a little scary in the beginning and your support meant the world to us and truly helped carry me through the lows.

We made it, phew!