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Friday, June 12, 2015

Our New Journey: Part IV (May 2015)

Not only did we change doctors, but we are now at a new hospital too. Well, technically it’s the same hospital but it was just re-built at new location. It’s weird sitting in a waiting room with someone hammering and sawing 10 feet away from you, finishing construction, but it is getting quieter with each appointment.

Speaking of appointments… I know that we have a free medical system here and I shouldn’t complain about it too much, but waiting 7 hours to meet your new OB and having her spend 5 minutes with you is infuriating. Thankfully, I will mostly be followed by the diabetic clinic along with an endocrinologist and they have been pretty good so far.

Yes, I said the diabetic clinic.

That pesky little acronym I saw other moms posting about on the on-line message boards, GD, came true around week 12 of this pregnancy – gestational diabetes. I knew it would be inevitable, Dr. D clearly warned me, but I had hoped it would wait a little while to rear its ugly head. Oh well.

I am now on insulin but only before bed at the moment. I am still at a pretty low dose but it fluctuates with each week that passes. I have gone from 4 units to 9 in the last few weeks alone. I know people who take 30+ so I am happy to be on such a low dose.

Of course being diagnosed with GD also brought about additional diet changes, which can be frustrating to manage, but I am doing pretty well. I can eat the exact same foods one day after the other and my numbers are completely different! It makes no sense to me. And I still get massive candy cravings from time to time so I have a little stash that I dig into to satisfy those cravings. Thankfully, after only a couple of pieces I don’t want any more. Sugar tastes really different when you haven’t had any in weeks!

The good part about being diagnosed with GD now instead of later is that I can keep tight control of it early on and get my health, as well as baby’s, in check. And, I won’t have to drink that disgusting glucose drink most expecting mothers need to drink around 28 weeks since we already know! I have had to drink that a few times and it’s nasty!