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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Trisomy Results

As excited as we are to be pregnant, I have to admit that waiting for these results had been holding me back a bit. Knowing people who have had difficult results, others who had good results followed by a special needs baby, fears that IVF may have played a negative role in genetics and my age alone (although I am only 35) were all concerns that I had.

But our results are good!

We had our nuchal scan (NT) at 12 weeks back in May. This is a prenatal ultrasound used to help identify higher chances for chromosomal conditions (such as Down syndrome) in the baby. After that scan we were considered to have a 1:1200 chance which was definitely comforting.

In addition to the ultrasound we had 2 separate blood tests (trisomy tests - not mandatory) and using those results along with the NT they now say that we have a 1:3640 chance of a chromosomal condition! This is amazing because the first thing she told me was that my age alone would have put us at 1:315!

Honestly, the numbers probably wouldn't have changed anything for us at this point; I will see this pregnancy through no matter what! But now, I am actually kind of excited! I realize there is still a risk of a non-detected condition but there is no going back!