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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Nieces And Birthdays

I can’t believe how fast they grow up…. niece #1 is turning 4 years old this week! Time just flies, doesn’t it? I still remember visiting her in the hospital at less than a day old! Two years ago, at her 2nd birthday party, my SIL announced she was pregnant again and that brought us niece #2 and our godchild of course! Getting to play the role of aunt, uncle and godparents has been really special and those little girls mean the world to us!

As I have mentioned briefly before, the news of my SIL’s second pregnancy tore me apart initially because DH and I were not in the greatest place back then. But I don’t even remember those days now. Hitting rock bottom only helped get us where we are today, so I guess I have to thank my SIL and niece #2 for giving us the kick we needed. We have come such a long way from there and I never want to go back!

In a way, this birthday party has become a new anniversary for us. One that celebrates the changes we have made in our lives and how much our relationship has grown. It took a lot of work from both of us, but I think I have actually referred to DH as the perfect husband three times in the last week alone! Seriously! Now, I wonder if he thinks of me as the perfect wife? HAH!

So, with another birthday party around the corner and two years since that last announcement… any chance someone will be becoming an aunt again this year?