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Monday, June 1, 2015

Holland Came To Visit

A while back you may remember a couple of posts about my BFF/sister and her son who was born with Wolf–Hirschhorn Syndrome (WHS), specifically Welcome To Holland and Updates From Holland: A Guest Blog By Colton’s Mom. Well, for the last few days we have had a full house because they came down for a visit! Mommy, daddy and the little guy too.

Was I apprehensive about their trip? Not really. My only real concern was that he might have a seizure or other medical issue while they went out on their own and they may have difficulty communicating since they don’t speak French very well (or at all really) being from Toronto. Other than that, I wasn’t really worried about anything. I mean, this is the life they live every single day, it’s their normal, and I was getting a chance to experience that and be a part of it for a few days! I’m certainly not one to back down from a challenge, and quite honestly… he wasn’t much of a challenge at all, aside from not wanting to sleep EVER.

At the end of the day, he is just like any other kid. He laughs when something is funny, he cries when he gets upset or tired, he enjoys games like peekaboo, can be a real goofball sometimes, mimics those around him and poops just like anybody else out there! And about that last one, thanks for leaving me a stinky diaper to change, mommy! Feeling the love!

He was a bit smaller than I expected, doesn’t crawl around like other kids his age but he manages just fine, eats through a feeding tube, and has a few serious medications to take daily but other than that… normal kid! Looking back to the days after he was born and the prognosis they gave him, he is beating ALL odds they put against him and amazes everyone each and every day. He is everyone’s superhero.

It was awesome to see firsthand how far he has come, and to see his mommy’s growing baby bump with his little brother on the way!

As always, sad to see you guys go. Drive safely!