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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Our New Journey: Part V (June 2015)

So, that’s the start of our pregnancy, in a nutshell. This last post brings us to 16 weeks today!

Although I have known about my PCOS for 10 years now and we were TTC without assistance for a little while, we officially started fertility treatments in March 2010 so this has been a 5 year journey! It was never easy and has always been a struggle, both physically and emotionally, for both of us but we overcame it all! I think that’s just my nature though; I don’t let hardships get me down, they only make me stronger... which is good because without strength, this process never would have been possible.

And, after all of the struggles we had getting here, I have been rewarded with no morning sickness at all! In addition, thanks to eating healthy and the GD diet, I have now lost a total of 21 lbs but should start to gain again soon I’ve been told. While I am on insulin, and not exactly happy about it, that needle is a joke compared to everything else I have taken and has been working quite well so it’s no big deal. We have already completed our Trisomy blood tests and are awaiting results, but my 12 week ultrasound (NT scan) came back perfect with no signs of down syndrome so that was reassuring. Still nervous about the blood tests but I am sure, deep down, that it will be fine.

Aside from a few close friends I strategically told so that I could ask questions about their pregnancies, my work was the only other group that really knew from the beginning. Since I was off for 2 weeks during the transfer and again shortly after on bed rest, it would have been hard to hide since I rarely take more than a week off at a time. They have been amazing and supportive about this whole thing. They have all been so excited, even when I wasn’t quite there yet (being nervous about tests and all). Part of me will miss being there because I truly do love my job, but family will always come first and I won’t miss a minute that I don’t have to in order to be with my kid. I am already strategizing a longer than usual maternity leave and time off without pay when I return! But, I really DO love my job, I swear!

We told my sister and brother in law while my mother in law was in another room playing with the kids. They knew we had done the transfer so I had to come up with something different. Each time my SIL has been pregnant we have gone to a movie very close to her due date. The way I told them was to mention that a movie we want to see is coming out in November, and if she doesn’t mind… could I be the pregnant one this time? So, it was a quick, and loud, shriek from SIL followed by a bunch of “shhhh….” sounds and quiet hugs. I cannot wait to give them a little niece or nephew, and cousin of course.

We told my mom a week after Mother’s Day since they had been away and she was very happy. Like everyone else, she had no idea we had done another transfer so she wasn’t expecting it. I also explained to her the real reason we had raced out over Easter and, of course, she understood. She actually told me that she never had symptoms with me either and she also lost weight so I guess that might be hereditary! Finally, something GOOD I have inherited!

And, as you already read, we told my mother in law a couple of weeks later at niece #1’s 4th birthday party.

I designed official announcement cards and had them printed to share with specific people. Most have been given out already and others still need to be mailed. Those are kind of personal though so I won’t be sharing them here. If you are in need of ideas, scour the internet and you will find many pre-designed ones to choose from!

Of course, everyone keeps asking when we will find out if it is a boy or a girl and if we have names picked out yet. Well, we will find out in a month or so and I do have names that I am pretty hooked on and have been for years. You have a lot of time to think about names when you have been TTC for an eternity! But, if DH doesn’t agree with them it will be back to the drawing board. We have seemingly decided not to have the name discussion until we know what we are having so that half of the discussion is avoided.

For now, I simply call it “Timbit”. (For those of you who get the reference I am clearly a canuck girl, eh?)