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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Our New Journey: Part III (April 2015 continued)

And everything was right with the world again!

My original viability scan was supposed to be on April 8th, but with everything going on it turned into emergency scans which delayed my true viability. What a viability scan means in terms of IVF is that my doctor will review everything to make sure the baby is ok and if everything is good you are discharged from fertility and you are sent off to see an obstetrician (OB). It’s kind of sad after building up such a positive relationship, but as much as I would LOVE to take Dr. D with me through the whole pregnancy he is clearly needed where he is because that is where he performs miracles!

April 20 – Viability: 

DH was off today so it was the perfect opportunity to go in for the viability together. Dr. D wasn’t able to scan me, but a fellow that I really like was there. As soon as he turned the screen toward me… there it was… baby! And wow it had gotten big! The last time we saw “it” was at 6 weeks, and today we were just over 8 weeks. It had quadrupled in size! In fact, it was the size of a jelly bean. We could see the head clearly along with the little hands and feet and the heartbeat was fast and strong at 160bpm!

Next step… what had happened to the SCH? Gone, halleluiah! Out of the woods at last! Now we could go to see Dr. D.

The first piece of business I had with Dr. D was a rather large gift basket of Italian coffees, sweets, olive oils and everything else you can imagine. I told him it was a bundle of joy for him in thanks for our bundle of joy to come. Next, he told us that about 25% of pregnancies result in an SCH. Really? I told him it was quite terrifying and I didn’t like it at all and, now that it is over with, he admitted he didn’t like the sight of it either and was relieved that it was gone. Wow! Next, he renewed some of my prescriptions and gave me a referral to a high risk OB just to be on the safe side. But, during this process he realized something…

I take Metformin, initially to control my insulin resistance which contributes/causes my PCOS. Over time, this medication has basically kept me from crossing the borderline into diabetes… until now. While pregnant, my insulin level will need far more assistance than they will get with this medication alone. In fact, I had already noticed a small spike in my levels in the morning. So, he sent me for some blood tests immediately, but strongly felt that I would end up on INSULIN for the duration of my pregnancy.

Just when I thought I would be done with needles (PIO ends in 3.5 weeks)!