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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Some Summer Updates

I just realized that I never wrote anything about my trip to Toronto back in May/June! Despite all of my travelling this was only my second time flying alone (both ways) so that was kind of, er, cool. My BFF picked me up at the airport and we pretty much just hung out for the weekend like old times, only grown-ups now! The main reason for the trip was just to spend some time together, but she also had her baby shower that weekend so it was great to be included in something that I generally don’t get to be a part of due to distance. She has since moved into her new home and has the adorable nursery just about ready to go! She looks radiant, has about 6 more weeks to go, and then I get to hop on a plane again and get to meet my nephew for the very first time this September! I can’t wait to see the new house either!

Also, since half the family knows by now I assume I am allowed to post this? My sister-in-law is pregnant again! So, our already 2 year old niece will be getting a little sister or brother for Christmas this year! Is it me, or does the time fly? Hopefully sometime this century we will be able to give her a little cousin too!

Um… what else?

Oh, a few weeks ago I posted an open letter to an old friend here and a few people have asked me to post an update about this. Because it is so personal and private, I will just say that the letter was seen and we did in fact get together once since then. We will just have to wait and see where things go from here… one day at a time.

Lastly, we went camping last week at the Whiteface Mountain KOA in Lake Placid, NY. We usually camp at the Ivy Lea KOA in the 1000 Islands but this place is giving it a run for its money! We really liked it there and now that we both have Nexus cards crossing the border is fast which makes this place more appealing than it used to be. We shopped in Plattsburgh (of course) and, even though it rained every day we made out extremely well; pitching the tent minutes before the rain started and buying a kitchen tent off another camper for 50$ helped! We made it to Ausable Chasm as well, but we didn’t get to do some of the other things I had planned because of the weather. Instead, we took an un-scheduled trip to Vermont by ferry and went to the Ben and Jerry’s Factory! Oh, and the most “memorable” part of the trip was first posted on Facebook as: “See baby deer on side of road. See baby deer jump out in front of car. See my heart jump out of my chest. See hubby not hit baby deer. See baby deer safe on the other side of road. Stupid baby deer!” Yes…. we are all ok… but my heart was racing a mile a minute! I guess I should also mention that I had tent envy the whole time so we have since gone out and bought a new, bigger, tent as well. I like our old tent, but I find it kind of small for longer periods of time and it’s hard to keep things away from the sides when it rains it seems. I have booked the campground again later this summer so we can try out the new mansion and I am wondering who is going to use the guesthouse with us? Any takers?

So, what’s to come? A surprise party for DH’s birthday, a family vacation, a wedding that I cannot wait for, my birthday, the arrival of my nephew, and another camping trip! This is a busy summer!