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Monday, July 22, 2013

The Royal Baby Is On The Way!

No, this is not actually a post about Will and Kate’s Royal Baby! But’s it’s true… the baby is on his/her way as I type this. Honestly, poor Kate. Can you even begin to imagine having the whole world know that you just went into labor and everyone is waiting with baited breath to know if it is a boy or a girl, the name that you chose, and so on? It’s too much pressure if you ask me. And then the criticism will follow. Already the whole world is talking about what they should name the baby because that will show how they wish to lead the country in the future and bla, bla, bla… what if they simply want to call the baby Michael or something a little more unique like Delilah? Certainly those are both better names than the “Apple’s”, “Moon Unit’s” and “Jermajesty’s” out there! And no, I am not making those names up. Anyhow, whatever happens, I hope they get to lead somewhat of a normal life… at least for the first moments of their new family’s life.

Also, I would like to wish DH a Happy (belated) Birthday. Nothing fancy this year (as he requested); just brunch, gifts and a steak and lobster dinner (I cooked). There is more in store, but that will come later!

And, this Friday we are going to see the comedian Danny Bhoy at Montreal’s Just for Laughs. Usually we see more but the line-up just wasn’t right for us this year. The bigger comedians we would have liked to see are hosting galas filled with people we don’t really know, and since I am not a fan of the galas we just got tickets for the one show. He actually has a funny story about when he met the Queen, so in the spirit of the royal baby… here you go!

The first time Danny Bhoy met the Queen, he was more nervous than he expected.

''Oh, you're the comedian, are you?'' she asked him.

Unwittingly mimicking her posh accent, he was horrified to hear himself reply, ''I am he,'' before giving a regal bow.

Their second encounter, a few years later, was even more embarrassing. After hearing her say it was nice to meet him, Bhoy found himself blathering about how they had already met: that one time, after the awards show, in that room at that place …

''She has 300 engagements a year,'' Bhoy says. ''As if she's going to remember some prick who shook her hand four years ago.''

Nodding politely, the Queen waited for him to finish, then inquired, ''What does one do if one's audience does not laugh?''

''One shits oneself,'' he blurted, at which point her minders quickly ushered him away. He was pleased, however, to notice Her Majesty stifling a laugh.

You can read the full interview here.