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Monday, July 29, 2013


"I’m very close to my sisters, and the friendship and support of other women has always enriched my life. I also realize that there are friends or other relatives that may not be blood sisters, but share this same type of closeness.”

As I have written before (see 'Ohana), there’s an old saying that goes: “You can pick your friends but you can’t pick your family” and I continue to disagree.

True, those who are my blood relations are my “family” on paper, even though I can count on one hand how many of them are in my life today. And, true, you cannot choose your extended family/in-laws, but did I not choose my spouse? Is DH not legally my “family”, even though we are not related by blood? In fact, if we were related I would seriously question my logic, and we would be going against the law slightly, no?

Anyhow, there are many people in my life both past and present that share no blood of mine who I unquestionably consider to be my “family”. I can draw you a whole family tree pointing to mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers with these people alone and I promise you there are more of them actively present in my life than there are my own biological family members!

And this brings me to one person in particular…

A sister isn't always your blood relation. Sometimes it's that close friend who understands you, loves you and has always got your back no matter what. While family members have come and gone, drifted apart from one another, or left us in this world without them, I feel like our bond has only grown stronger and closer over time. We are not biologically related at all, nor are we legally bound to each other in any way; we are closer than any of that. Maybe we chose each other, or maybe we were meant to find each other, but whatever the reason we are definitely “sisters-by-heart” and always will be.

Some have questioned me over the years when I have referred to you, my BFF, as my sister - but I dare anyone to challenge me and tell me otherwise! You have always supported me and stood by me, even when those who should have been there walked away. You have always been true to me, even when we’ve had our differences. You have always accepted me just how I am, and you have never judged me. We understand each other in ways that others can’t, and we can often speak to one another without saying a word. A sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost, and you mean the world to me. You are the comfort and stability that I dreamt of my whole life and no matter where we are, or how far apart, you are always HOME to me.

In less than a month, you will be giving me the greatest gift you have ever given me – my first nephew – and I cannot wait to meet the little man! With every picture you post and story you have shared, I feel like I have taken this journey with you every step of the way and I cannot express in words how this has made me feel. We were only kids when we first met and I never could have imagined this moment then, but it is all I think about right now. Counting down the days with you and anxiously awaiting a note saying you are on your way to the hospital…

I love you with all my heart, and you can stop crying now! xox