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Friday, May 14, 2010

Round 3: Step 4 (tomorrow)

I just took my last injection and I will be going in for a follow-up ultrasound tomorrow, on a Saturday! I love that they are open on Saturday's. Anyhow, I have no idea what I did wrong the other day but none of the injections since have hurt at all. Maybe I was too close to a nerve or something. Whatever the reason, I am glad I made it through! Sure, there may be more injections to come but I can handle it.

So, what can happen tomorrow? Well... a lot of things. They could tell me that everything went really well and that I am ready for the hCG shot and IUI on Monday. They could tell me that things are progressing but that I am not quite there yet and have me do more injections. They could tell me it didn't work at all and I will have to try again next month with a higher dose. They could tell me a lot of things I am not even aware of! But, whatever they tell me, I am ready. This week went really well and while I hope they tell me I can move on the the hCG/IUI round, I am really just hoping they see SOME response to these injections... more so than with the Clomid. Even a small response is better at this point than nothing.

FIngers and toes crossed everyone! I will update tomorrow.