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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Round 3: Step 4 (Choices)

Yesterday was CD 18 and I had yet another ultrasound. I am beginning to lose count! On Saturday I had 1 follicle measuring at about 8mm on the right surrounded by a bunch of smaller ones and a "pomeganate" on the left so that side is being useless this cycle. Well, yesterday the one that was 8mm was now about 9mm. Normally speaking, follicles grow 1-2mm a day... even WITH injections, mine are growing about 1mm a week. This is due, in part, to being polycystic. The hormones I take are split across dozens of follicles rather than targetting 1 or 2.

I was able to see my doctor afterwords and he gave me 2 options. I could either stop treatment now and start again next cycle (or most likely the one after that, so July some time) or I could stay at the 75 IU dose until Friday and see if that does anything promising. I am still a higher risk for hyperstimulation so I have to be careful but I chose to continue at least until Friday and see what happens. I still have enough Gonal-F to get me there so why not? Another problem is that, as I keep being told, my uterine lining is responding really well to the Gonal-F and what happens when your lining gets too thick? AF arrives! Go figure, never getting AF used to upset me because it was a reminder that I wasn't "normal" and now that I don't want it, it's around the corner....

Now, why am I at home? The 75 IU makes me very nauseous in the morning and it also seems to give me headaches at night (although, none yesterday) and between the ultrasounds poking around and the pomegranate inside me I have cramps randomly throughout the day. Emotionally this is also taking a toll on me. I knew things were not going well but I didn't think I would have to make a choice to stop or not. Overall, I just need to take a break. I will be home until Friday and then I go back to the hospital to see what's changed, if anything, and then make more decisions. It's not easy... but (my) life never is!