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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Round 3: Step 4 (Like an oyster cultivating pearls...)

So, I went for my ultrasound yesterday morning. No bad news, but no good news either. The only follicle I had was around 7mm in diameter, despite the injections. Now, seeing as I was only CD8 this isn't horrible as it is still early. So, I have to take the remaining 3 injections in my pen and go back for another ultrasound on Tuesday which will be CD11. The doctor did say that my lining was getting thicker so that indicates that something IS happening... we just aren't sure what at this point.

Now, I did learn something though. The reason I am on such a low dose (the lowest possible actually) is because there is a very small threshold for women with PCOS between having 1 follicle and too many follicles that grow to the correct size. I have 1 at 7mm right now but a whole bunch of tiny ones so they don't want to risk all of them responding at once. When I go back on Tuesday they will see if the remaining injections did anything and if not, my dose will be doubled to 75 IU for a short period. Apparently I don't have to wait another month to try again; they just keep increasing the dose for now.

I am not upset, but I am a little discouraged. I never thought that the PCOS would make things so complicated. Hopefully some progress will be made by Tuesday!

Keep those fingers crossed!