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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Round 3: Step 4 (Damn oyster continued...)

Yesterday was CD15 and my third ultrasound this round after taking alternating doses of 37.5 IU and 75 IU since the last ultrasound. The hope continues to be that one of the 7mm follicles would have continued to grow and the others would have stayed the same or grown only a little but that there would be a larger dominant one. Well, no such luck yet again. On the right side, there was one at about 8mm and a whole bunch at 6-7mm. On the left side, she just said I was full of smaller follicles (picture the inside of a pomegranate - best analogy I have found to date). The only thing that seems to be responding well yet again is my uterine lining which I have heard each time, but what good does that do if the follicles don't respond? Nothing. Nada. Zip. Bupkus.

I have to continue alternating doses again until CD18 and then go back for another ultrasound. I also had to buy my third Gonal-F pen but this time I got one with 450 IU instead of 300 IU so that I should have enough for a whole week if this continues.

Some of you have asked me how much this has all cost so far so I ran the number yesterday out of my own curiosity as well. Oh, and none of this includes the daily Metformin for the insulin resistance, the Synthroid for my thyroid problem, or the pre-natal vitamins.Here is how it breaks down:

Round 1: 51$ for Provera and Clomid 50mg
Round 2: 85$ for Provera and Clomid 100mg
Round 3: 1203$ and counting for 3 Gonal-F pens (1050 IU) and my Ovidrel injection (yet to be used)

Thankfully, my insurance cover 80% of these medications so we have spent less than 300$ on this. However, they only cover me up to 5000$ in a lifetime so this won't last forever (and if we have to do this again for another baby there probably won't be much left by then). DH will be adding me to his insurance soon as well so we can offset more of the balance but they will only cover up to 2400$ in a lifetime so that one will run out eventually as well. They will also be getting a shock! DH has had this insurance for over 3 years and never made a claim... just wait until they see my bills!

That's it for now... at least the weather is good and we have a long weekend. We are finally getting some much needed work done in the yard which I should probably get back to... hopefully cutting down bushes will take my mind off things for a bit!