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Friday, September 3, 2010

Loss of Wisdom

My last wisdom tooth has been removed! About 13 years ago I had my bottom wisdom teeth removed, both at the same time. And then, a couple of years ago, one of the top teeth grew all the way in and then I had it pulled because it was cramming my other teeth. Now, a couple of months ago, my last wisdom tooth started to make its appearance and also started to have complications. It hurt because it was growin in almost horizantal and it was pushing on my other molars. To make matters worse, once it broke through the gum I started to get infections. After 2 rounds of antibiotics to clear infection I was able to get it removed yesterday.

My main fear of the procedure was the needle. I HATE needles in the mouth. They had to give me 2 needles to numb me and I held on tight to DH's hand the whole time. And then the tugging and pulling began. The dentist said that I would feel pressure and boy did I ever! I could feel him tearing the gum away, clamping onto the tooth, and twisting and pulling it as he fought to get it out. Thankfully, though, he was able to get it out in one piece. And, I think DH's hand is ok too!

Recovery has been bearable, probably because I am taking a mild dose of Codeine along with using ice packs for the swelling, but I am still in pain. I am mainly drinking liquids and not really eating solid food. I attemted to eat a cookie yesterday and wound up with a chocolate chip in the socket where my tooth was. I won't do that again!

A couple more days of Codeine, ice and liquids and I should be fine, I hope!