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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It's a YES!

I am so excited! I saw the high risk pregnancy doctor again this morning for my follow-up, and although there are a list of things I need to be careful of for now and in the future, he said YES for IVF/IVM!!! I was (am) so happy! Tears of JOY for ONCE! He called my usual doctor to let him know and then I went to meet with him right away. I felt like I needed to be pinched! It was a dream... come true!

We have our information session about IVF/IVM on October 7th and we will only book the actual treatment after that, but it looks like it may be in November or December at this point! So excited, so happy, so... so... elated! I can't wait till I get home so I can see DH!!!

As for all the other details, I will post soon. Although there are many, none of them mean no because today was all about yes, yes, YES! Finally!

(Side note: I find it ironic that this day came exactly one decade minus a day that I "lost" my mother.)