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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

29 Again? Nope... 31 and Counting!

I haven’t had a chance to write because we have been pretty busy the last couple of weeks but it has been fun! DH came home August 20th and took my b-day off the following week so we could spend some time together. I had most of the week off so it was a mini-vacation for me too!

From August 19-28 my BFF and her BF were visiting from Toronto. They stay with us but we often do separate things as they have their own room and keys so they can come and go as they please. We had a lot of busy days and a lot of lazy days too! It was fun!

On August 22nd I had my annual BBQ for my birthday but unfortunately it was raining so no pool this year. About 20 people were there so we had a full house! I tried to talk with everyone there but I never made it to some people. DH occupied half of the room and I occupied the other mostly. I was just trying to go anywhere that was cool! I got a lot of nice presents that day including a gift card for Chapters, a Pizzelle Press (kind of like a waffle iron for those of you who don’t know what it is), a Smores kit, a Vanilla Bean Diffuser, and a lavender filled eye pillow… and cake!

August 23rd was clean-up day and a lazy day and on August 24th I went to work and then to DH’s parents’ house as it was my mother-in-laws birthday. I happily accepted money for my birthday from them because I already had a plan for it. I bought my Kobo!!! No more carrying around heavy books. Now I can have my library in the palm of my hands!! Also, my BFF insisted on giving me my gift that night so I agreed and was very happy. I got a Hollister Hoodie! Kind of an inside joke, but I love it. After this, DH asked me if I wanted his gift as well. I hesitated because I really wanted to open something on my birthday but I was too curious… and I was happily surprised! I am sorry to everyone who reads this who got me a present… but his is my favorite!!! He got me the white gold, diamond accented horseshoe necklace from Zales that I wanted!!! I love it so much!!! I never took my old necklace (his birthstone) off for anything, but I took it off for this!

August 25th we went to Granby Zoo for my birthday. It was a cool rainy morning followed by a cool and sunny afternoon. We went to the water park for a bit but it was freezing! One thing that made me super happy though, was the Meerkats. They have this tunnel you can go into and pop your head up right in the middle of their exhibit. Last year, there were too many kids there and the Meerkats were hiding in the shade because it was really hot out. This year, on the way out, I was able to get into the tunnel and just as I popped my head out I saw a Meerkat right in front of me! I took so many pictures of him! We left just after that and on the way home we went to pick up my Kobo!

The rest of the week was a lazy week. Mini-putt on Thursday, dinner on Friday with a bunch of good friends, followed by a weekend of house cleaning, laundry, yard work, etc… All in all a great week and now back to the grind! Well, actually, not so much. On Sept 2nd I am getting my last wisdom tooth out and will have the 3rd off to recuperate as well. I see lots of popsicles in my future!