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Friday, September 24, 2010

Details for IVM

“Before you were conceived I wanted you.
Before you were born I loved you.
Before you were here an hour I would die for you.
This is the miracle of Mother's Love.”
Maureen Hawkins

I don’t have all the details nailed down just yet, but I promised to share whatever I had so here it goes.

Firstly, DH and I have to complete a 2 hour information session at the hospital about IVF/IVM together. They told me that these sessions are usually done once per week in groups of about 30, however I am not sure if they meant 30 couples or 30 people (15 couples). Either way, we have been scheduled for the morning of October 7th and after that I have to call to make the appointments for IVM itself. They used to schedule you for treatment before doing the session but they had issues with this apparently and no longer will. The IVF/IVM schedule is currently full up until November from what I understand. From the time they told me this until my session there will be 2 group sessions so that means that those people will call for their appointments before me. I just hope that it won’t be pushed too far back now; maybe the end of November or December? We will see!

In addition to this, the high risk doctor told me that my blood pressure was slightly elevated. I have never had this before and I am attributing this to nerves the day that I saw him. Regardless, he wants me to monitor my blood pressure as frequently as possible and keep track of it for him. I guess if I notice anything out of the ordinary I will let him know but I hope not! I don’t need any more issues! I will be borrowing a monitor from a friend so that I don’t have to go to the pharmacy every day and hopefully buying my own if necessary. Of course, if this does continue up to and through pregnancy, there are possible risks. A “normal and healthy” pregnancy will carry a 10% risk of these complications and I will have a 25% chance.

Another thing that came up is that my blood sugar IS elevated in the morning. My fasting glucose level when I wake up is as high as my post-meal readings and that is not normal. The high risk doctor said that this DOES indicate the earlier stages of diabetes. Since I am already watching the diet and taking medication for this problem he did not add anything to my current regime, but the SECOND I get pregnant I must start taking insulin injections right away before I get any worse. For now though, he said that things look like they are under control. Of course, again, these cause other risks during pregnancy. One of the main issues is that diabetic babies are typically larger and do not do well around the last month of pregnancy so an early delivery is generally required. I will cross that bridge when I get to it.

Other than that, we had a bunch of consent forms to sign (done) and I have to start taking my proper pre-natal vitamins again since I had stopped for awhile because they were too expensive to be taking for no reason... and now I have reason again!

So, basically, things will never really be easy and I will always have to worry and watch out for things but at least it is still a YES!!! I cannot say that word enough now!