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Monday, June 7, 2010

Round 3: Over… on to Round 4 (soon)!

I did NOTHING this weekend and I feel so much better now! No work in the yard, barely any cooking, no housework (aside from laundry) and no running around all over the place on errands. It helps that it was raining but I should definitely do this more often! We also figured out most of our vacation plans for later this month so that’s another worry gone!

On Friday I went for what became my last ultrasound for Round 3. And again, there were no changes. My doctor was not there so another one (that I like) was doing reviews and I bombarded him with questions. Here is a summary:

IUI Questions:

1) If we stop treatment now and start again later at a higher dose from the beginning, what are the chances of a better response to the injections and what dose would be given to start with?

I would begin at a dose of 225 IU (or possibly higher). As for a chance of response; it will happen at some point but there is no way to tell when.

2) Question: What % chance is there that IUI will work?

Approximately 18% at best but considering the circumstances, probably lower.

IVF Questions:

1) Question: Is it true that the free IVF program might begin in August? When will we know who is eligible and what the criteria are?

Probably June/July as initially planned and I do qualify as I have “failed” all prior treatments. The government will pay for 3 cycles of treatment for 10,000 women annually.

2) Question: Will the medication that is needed for IVF be covered as well? Also, if the medication fails again can I change to IVM?

Yes, medication is covered. Yes, I can change to IVM if necessary.

3) Question: What % chance is there that IVF will work?
About 65%, however the government will be restricting the number of embryos put back into the uterus. They may only allow 1 per cycle.

IVM Questions:

1) Will the government also be covering IVM?

Yes, 100%. Also, because IVM is cheaper, it is rumored that they may cover more cycles than with IVF.

2) Question: Is there any reason why waiting 2-3 months to do this would be an issue in terms of success, health, etc… vs. starting now?

No. Ovarian stimulation is not necessary for IVM so losing what I have now makes no difference. In my case, they MAY stimulate a bit (3-5 days) but the injections would then be covered so it is not a concern financially. (Clomid cannot be used for IVM due to its effects on the uterine lining).

3) What % chance is there that IVM will work?

Currently there is about a 50% success rate with IVM. Also, they may not be limited to only 1 embryo per cycle so each embryo would have a 50% chance and they would still put 2-3 back based on my age etc…
Now, because I have PCOS I am highly at risk for Ovarian Hyper Stimulation Syndrome (OHSS) if I use injections, especially once we find the dose that works for me. I could go from nothing to too many overnight almost. So, IVM is definitely a better way to go for me and this is what we will be doing!

Apparently, the government list will be rolling in everyone who is already on hospital waiting lists and then they will take over from there. So, I see my doctor on June 18th to get the order made, then I take an afternoon course about IVM (all in-vitro procedures require this apparently - although, I could probably teach the course by now), and then I wait. The hope is to do IVM in August but this will depend on when plans are in place, how the lists will work, etc… etc…

Hopefully the government plans are available soon!!!