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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Stop Touching Me!

I have never had an overwhelming desire to reach out and feel someone’s baby bump any more than I would their usual belly; it just isn’t natural to me to do that. Ok so, yes, jokingly grabbing my SIL or BFF’s boobs is a thing that has happened many times over the years and is weirdly kind of natural (to us) but that’s different! And if either of them reached out for the bump I probably wouldn’t even mind because, well, just because!

Warning: unless your DNA is inside me, or you are my SIL/BFF, be advised that I do bite!

Think about it for a minute. How would you like it if someone just reached out one day and started rubbing your belly without even asking? A little uncomfortable don’t you think? Not only that but it is incredibly rude as well!

It happened just the other day actually. A girl I take the bus with occasionally saw me for the first time since she found out I was pregnant months ago and went straight for the bump. It was late and I was extremely tired from sitting at Neverland all afternoon so I didn’t really say anything to her, but it was… a little awkward to say the least. It’s common knowledge that I already have issues with strangers standing too close to me for comfort (especially on public transit), and while she isn’t a total stranger I don’t even think I know her name! Buy me a drink first, you know?

Was it horrible? Was it the end of the world? Did I die? No. But it was what it was, and it was uncomfortable. It was also close to 40 degrees outside and extremely humid so I didn't even want my own t-shirt touching my skin at that point, let alone a stranger, but that's beside the point.

I realize that my bump is no longer in my usual personal space, but that doesn’t make it public domain either. I’m pregnant, not furry with a wagging tail, please don’t pet me; at least not without asking first.