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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Gender Reveal!

From the time we transferred this little embryo I was desperate to know what it was! I didn’t really mind either way; I just wanted to start decorating in my head, shopping, planning, coming up with names, etc…

So, naturally, as the weeks went on I tested every single old wives tale out there!

The first was the fetal heart rate for gender prediction. They claimed that if your unborn baby's heart rate is higher early on, above 140 beats per minute, you are carrying a girl. A lower heart rate below 140 bpm means boy. After my initial scare early on in this pregnancy had worn off, I remembered that the heart rate was in fact over 140bpm! So it must be a girl then, right?

Next was the theory that implantation side could predict gender, or Ramzi’s theory. Right side implantation meant male, left side female. After reviewing how to read an ultrasound correctly, and even asking one of the technicians at the hospital, I believed that implantation had in fact been on the left so… female again?

Then a friend tells me to try the ring on a string gender test. Only you don’t hold it over your belly, but the palm of your hand instead. If it swings in a pendulum it’s a boy and if it goes around in a circle it’s a girl. And, the theory is that if you have multiple children it will stop in between each one and adjust its movement. To do this, I used my father-in-law’s chain that DH wears daily and, sure enough, one big and unmistakable circle. Girl again! I then proceeded to do this on every person I know with children I think and, super creepy, it worked… sequentially for each person! And yes, for the skeptics, I did not explain the process before they did it and I let them hold the chain themselves. I simply handed it over, observed and proceeded to freak them out! I have also repeated it on myself many times and have had nothing but girl with every object I have used. It MUST be a girl right?

Ok one last theory to try before the anatomy scan; skull theory. They say that if the forehead/skull is square or box like then it is a boy, rounded a girl. Sure enough, round! The picture I had was at a bit of an angle so I wasn’t completely sure, but it definitely wasn’t square.

So, last Thursday we went in together for our anatomy scan… finally! The technician asked if we wanted to know the gender and I think I said yes before she finished her sentence. She said she would try to find it for us but has lots of other measurements to take so be patient. Sigh, fine! Silence… more silence… turn on your left, turn on your right, on your back… silence. Ok, she says, I am missing a bunch of measurements so let’s take a break. I ask if she is missing THE measurement, or gender, and she says she is. NO! Please co-operate Timbit!

After a bit of a break she returns and continues poking and prodding her way around my growing belly and eventually says… you are having a… GIRL! I knew it! Either every old wives tale was right, or they were all going to be completely wrong, but somehow I just knew it! She went to consult with the doctor on a few things and before I was even off the table I was texting my BFF with the news. And that night I raced out and bought the last available nursery bedding set that I have had my eye on for a girl since the day I found out I was pregnant! They had just discontinued it but I got lucky! Phew. A girl!!!

I did have one person tell me that I must be having a boy because there is a theory out there that if you are having a girl, she takes away your beauty. This person said that this pregnancy has made me look amazing so it must be a boy! So I guess THAT theory was wrong!

We had a birthday BBQ for DH at our house on Friday and that was when we shared the news with everyone. Facebook followed, and now here. So I guess it is official now… we are having a baby GIRL!