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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Neverland And Disneyland

So, I have a new name for the obstetrics department at my hospital… Neverland! Don’t get me wrong, the nurses are all wonderful (as usual) but the front staff and patient wait times are atrocious!

And for whoever says that pregnancy is a magical time… well… I beg to differ, because it is definitely no Disneyland!

Let me explain…

First, the hospital decided to change the day I go in for my RhoGAM shot this September. Initially I was supposed to go from the blood test early in the morning, go to work and then come back in the afternoon for the actual shot itself. When they left me a message changing my appointment they told me I had been re-scheduled for 7:30am the new date. It didn’t make sense to me so yesterday when I was there I asked the receptionist if we could schedule it the way we had previously and she “didn’t know”. Um… she was the one who scheduled me the first time! I reminded her that it takes approximately 3 hours to process the blood test and get my correct dose so how could I possibly be scheduled for 7:30am? Couldn’t I just leave and go to work and come back later? She still had no clue. So, her solution to the problem was to have me ask again at my next appointment mid-August. Good job!

After that, to my surprise, a nurse called me in at 3pm for my originally scheduled 3:20pm appointment. Could they actually be running early? Went in and did the usual peeing in a cup, weighing in (lost the kilo I had previously gained again), reviewing and updating my chart etc… I had a couple of questions to ask as well but it was all pretty quick. In fact, I was back in the waiting room before my scheduled appointment time!

And then…. I waited….and waited… and waited. Until I was the last patient in the waiting room at 5:50pm! I am not even exaggerating. Half the lights were turned off and all of the staff, aside from my doctor, had gone home! Finally, my OB calls me in and just for fun I decided to time the appointment… 4 minutes! Yup, 4 whole minutes! Measure the belly, check the heartbeat with a Doppler, have a great night!

GAH!!! Neverland!!! Never have answers and never on time!

As for pregnancy being magical, well, it’s not. I mean it’s been pretty easy on me all things considered and I feel fantastic and everything, but feeling your baby move around is NOT the most magical feeling in the world contrary to what people tell you!

Last week she was practicing her tumbling routine… for 3 days straight! Which, I admit, was fun at the beginning but the “magic” wore off very quickly. Next, it was on to the trampoline, otherwise known as my bladder! I will never truly know what it feels like for a man to be kicked down there, but I know what seeing stars feels like now. It was mostly soft kicks but a couple of them, wow! This week we are back to tumbling but it gets better. Now she sleeps almost all day, and tumbles all night! Fantastic!

So, it may not be Disneyland for me but she is definitely practicing for her audition to Cirque de Soleil! It is kind of fun poking my belly and feeling her kick back though…or maybe I am just hoping I will wake her up too!