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Friday, October 15, 2010

Metabolic Clinic

Way back in June I was given an appointment to meet with the Metabolic (Diabetes) Clinic today. All that I can truly say about the appointment is that it was utterly redundant!

When I went to the clinic a year ago, I was only there for about an hour. This time, they told me that I would need to be there from 8:30am - 3:00pm so I had planned to take the day off and figured that this appointment would be nothing like the last one. WRONG!

First, they had no idea why I was there and no one seemed to know where my file was. Once that was found they had me wait for the doctor and thankfully I didn't have to wait that long. I explained to her that I had been seeing another doctor in the clinc and that I couldn't stand him any longer and that was why my fertility doctor had referred me to her. She was very nice, thorough, and understanding. She is planning to send a note to my fertility doctor supporting my IVF treatments as well which is nice to hear after all of the problems I had with the last doctor there.

After this, I waited for awhile to see a dietician. Again, very nice, very detailed, took a lot of time with me... but nothing I don't already know! She confirmed that my glucose levels are not that bad and she isn't concerned with them at this time either. Good! But I already knew this.

Then they had me wait to meet with a nurse. And I waited... and waited... and waited. Finally, she came to get me and set me up in her office and then she was called away for something or other. So I waited again. When she finally arrived to see me, she began to ask about my whole family history, my history, who I had met with that morning, where do I work, etc... Half of this is already in my file but anyhow. Then, and this makes me laugh, she started to ask me if I knew how to use my glucometer. Um... I have had it for HOW LONG now? Over a year! And I had just told her that as well! I told her that I have 2 meters, they are both running fine, I know how to use them, and I don't need her to show me. Then she starts asking if I know where my sugar levels should be. Duh! The best part is that when I went last year for the first time they didn't go over any of this with me and now a year later they did. That's useful!

Anyhow, I was done by lunch time so I just decided to head into work... what a wasted morning!