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Friday, August 26, 2016

The Keg: Full Circle

It is that time of year again, my birthday; a day that everyone seems to want to celebrate, except me. Well, that’s not exactly true. I want to celebrate it, but quietly and in my own way. And, for some unknown reason, this is too difficult for certain others to comprehend which has, in the past, led me go out of town simply to get away from it all.

But, the last couple of years we have found ourselves successfully keeping the peace as I had always wanted and ending the day of activities with dinner at The Keg Steakhouse, just the two of us. Something we will do again this year, only we will be 3.

Ironically, 2 years ago we almost didn’t make it to dinner. We were walking around doing some sightseeing and I was in incredible pain as I was stimming at the time. My egg collection ended up being only a few days later and, as we now know, my ovaries were bursting with mature follicles at this time. I was doubled over in pain at one point and DH suggested we just go home, but I fought through it. I don’t think I ate very much, but I enjoyed it as best I could.

And then last year, I was 6 months pregnant when we returned to The Keg. I remember desperately wanting anything in a medium rare but opting for a medium well as this was recommended during pregnancy. Again, not able to eat much because the LO was pushing on all of my insides and taking up room, but a wonderful evening just the same.

And, this year, our first time going out for dinner with the LO in 6 months! We have gone for brunch and lunch together, but rarely dinner as this used to be very overwhelming for her. But she did so well, I couldn’t have asked for more! We have both been sick so we didn’t do much during the day. Then we walked around for a while, sightseeing, before heading for dinner. The LO sat in a high chair, ate some of her dinner that I brought from home and picked at some of our food too. The floor was a bit of a mess but who cares! I finally had the medium rare I have been craving and a Long Island Iced tea too! Finished It all off with a piece of ice cream cake.

Happy quiet 37th birthday to me!