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Monday, August 22, 2016

How To lose Your Mind In 11 Days

I did mention that I was already struggling with my meds, right? Maybe I shouldn’t have put that out there because ever since then someone, somewhere, decided to turn my world upside down.

Never has 11 days as a work widow seemed longer!

Day 1: DH leaves for California. I was coming down with what I thought was a really bad cold. LO went to daycare, I did groceries, went for a long overdue pedicure, and that was about it. No drama.

Day 2: Getting sicker, definitely sinuses again. Went to the pharmacy, got some OTC meds, went home, and didn’t do much.

Day 3: So much sicker. Order antibiotics online for delivery. Hours later, find out there is no delivery on weekend. Go to pharmacy, barely able to speak, and get meds.

Day 4: Daycare. Still quite sick. Do nothing. Too tired to cook, take-out (Mc Donald’s). Have a friend come cuddle baby. Bath for LO and bed. Insomnia.

Day 5: Playgroup. Not horrible at all. Early evening, going stir crazy, get in car and go for mall walk.

Day 6: Feeling much better. Quiet day. Early evening, can’t take it again, go to mall again. Get frustrated. Go to other mall. Can’t find what I want. Go for long drive. Insomnia.

Day 7: Daycare. Almost feeling normal again. Walmart. Make baby food. Take-out (Harvey’s). Friends’ soccer game.

Day 8: Baby getting sick? Still not feeling normal myself. Early evening, once again, Walmart with some take-out Sushi.

 Day 9: Baby is congested. Teething? I am starting to feel worse again, but just a cough this time. A different friends’ soccer game. Take-out (Kentucky Fried Crap). Friends come over swimming, decide not to go in just in case we are sick. Quick bath and bed for LO.

Day 10: Baby is sick. Sinuses, coughing, swollen eyes, fever. Early B-day lunch at my mothers. Baby is better? Nope, baby gets worse. I feel worse too. Go to pharmacy again for OTC. Call info line. Baby isn’t sick enough for ER but may become that way. Keep watch. Give her a bath and right to bed. Go outside to clean up after rainstorm. Slip and fall (hard) on deck. Ow. Insomnia.

Day 11: Check on baby at 3am. Eyes swollen shut with puss. Trouble breathing. Fever. Horrible cough. Call brother-in-law, go to hospital. Croup. Sinus infection. Ear infection. Eye infection. Steroids, oxygen, anti-inflammatory, observation, discharge. Baby much better. Go get prescription for baby. Rest for afternoon and then disinfect house. My eye is swollen and sore. Look in mirror. I have an eye infection now. Back to pharmacy for OTC. Take-out (Mc Donald’s again). DH lands. Baby needs a bath. While waiting, she pees all over me and the floor. Clean up again. Bath, bottle bed.

DH should be home any minute. Am I off duty yet??? He is off for the next week and timing couldn’t be better! I am so over this “groundhog day” experience.

Note: For the insomnia, someone asked why im not taking my sleeping pills. Because i cant take cold and flu meds and the sleeping pills together due to interactions. Catch 22, and it's  horrible.