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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

First Day Alone!

This is it! The day I have been dreading for 6 weeks has come. DH has gone back to work and baby girl and I are home alone together. It has only just begun, but it hasn’t been too bad yet. She is extra clingy and cuddly today so I can’t put her down for long (currently typing this with one hand), but that’s OK because It’s better than screaming!

I think the hardest part so far has been losing the help and company of DH. It isn’t easy when your best friend, and your right hand, who has been steadily present in your new mommyhood world suddenly isn’t around for an extended period of time. He hasn’t left the country (yet), but still!

Initially DH was supposed to go back to work yesterday, but instead he ended up with the day off and I was so grateful for it! We finally got to go for brunch and I had my Eggs Benedict that I have been craving. They overcooked the eggs but I was too hungry to send them back so we will just have to try again one day and I will make sure they are done right! Otherwise, it was a pretty lazy last day together. We just watched a movie with a very fussy baby and ordered pizza for dinner – enough for lunch and dinner today too so no one has to cook!

Now that I am on night duties alone as well, I tried to make sure baby girl got to bed at a decent hour and even gave her a warm bath beforehand hoping it would calm her and keep her asleep longer. And, I think it might have worked! She slept from 9pm to 8am with two quick feedings at 2:30am and 5:30am only! I forced myself to get up just as DH was leaving for work even though she was still asleep hoping to have enough time to pump, eat breakfast, clean up a little and start laundry. And, I did! As soon as I came upstairs from putting the laundry in she let me know she was awake and ready to start her day! I put her on the play mat for a bit while I got her bottle ready and she played alone happily. Phew!

Do we have a routine, or is it too early for me to say that?

My goals for this week are to simply stay sane, get some healthy muffins baked for an easy grab on the go breakfast for when mornings don’t go so smoothly, and work on transitioning the little one her from the playpen to her crib because no matter how asleep she is she always seems to wake up once we put her in it. Ambitious, maybe, but what else do I have to do? I don’t think I am ready to try nights there just yet but if I can get her naps there during the day it’s a start!

Hey, and I even got this post written!