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Friday, October 23, 2015

Braxton Hicks & Useless Tidbits

So, I had my first “contraction” the other day… on the bus, alone, while DH was on a flight to Colorado for work! Not knowing what it was at first I had a mini panic attack, but after researching good old Google I discovered that it was simply a Braxton Hicks contraction! Phew! I guess my uterus just needed some practice… with the worst possible timing! But, then again, I guess poor timing is just a part of going into labor naturally too!

Speaking of which… the idea of natural labor is kind of making me nervous now! Although not likely to happen in my mind because babies are generally born late with a first pregnancy and I am being induced before I even hit full term, a co-worker planted a seed the other day when she mentioned that, realistically speaking, I COULD go into labor early on my own despite what I think and I need to be prepared for that!

Yeah… um, not prepared!

After being in such a clinically controlled environment for the last 10 years with numerous fertility treatments and IVF, I am really not pro-spontaneity at this point. I want everything to be scheduled. I want to know all of the when’s and where’s in advance. I want an action plan. I don’t want to go to bed one night and wake up with contractions and water running down my legs. I don’t want to labor at home for hours alone before going to the hospital. I want to be IN the hospital from before the beginning even starts, hooked up to IV’s and machines with a nurse present the whole time! Is that asking too much? I guess we will find out soon enough, won’t we?

Now, useless tidbits…

Belly button: At 35 weeks I am elated to say that I still have a NORMAL looking belly button! It isn’t all pushed out like some women experience, and it isn’t completely stretched and non-existent like others (which totally creeps me out by the way). It is slightly more open than it was before, for lack of a better description, but it is definitely still an innie!

Chinese zodiac: I was born in the Year of the Sheep (aka. goat, ram – which may explain my weird love of goats). Coincidentally, this will be the same sign for our little girl as we are once again in the Year of the Sheep! I haven’t been able to convince DH to have a pet goat yet, but maybe if his daughter loves them too and asks for one she will succeed!

Astrology zodiac signs: If all goes as we expect, baby girl will likely be a Sagittarius which DH and I already have a strong connection to. Both my departed Nana and DH’s father (baby girls' Nonno) were the same sign. Almost every Sagittarius person I have come across in my life has been very, VERY, stubborn. Not to say that stubbornness is solely a negative characteristic, but I am starting to wonder if someone somewhere is having a good laugh over this one! I swear I caught myself talking to both Nana and Nonno when doing the embryo transfer… maybe they are in on the joke together!