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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Maternity Leave Couldn’t Come Sooner

With maternity leave around the corner (12 working days!) it has really made me start to see things around the workplace in a different light. The way people interact, their true intentions, where their loyalties lie, people’s true colors, and… who I really can and cannot trust and rely on.

It is sad in some ways, but eye-opening too… especially after 14 years here!

People who once valued my opinion couldn’t care less for it now since “I already have one foot out the door”, while others who never had time for me in the past suddenly want to pick my brain all day long to gain any and all tips, tricks and information they can from me before I go (for their own benefit of course).

Others who would sit and listen to concerns I may have had about my position, such as limitations or external factors I see affecting it, can’t be persuaded to even entertain the information now since I won’t be around to “bother them” about it much longer; as though the problems leave with me and don’t continue to plague my position.

And then there are those who have always come to my defense/aid who have suddenly stepped back from (or created) the struggles I have experienced recently and, worse, are already standing by and wholeheartedly defending my replacement who hasn’t even begun yet without giving me the time of day! On the other hand, there are also those who I have always known silently had my back but they are now being more vocal in their support of me which has been surprising in some cases but greatly appreciated as well.

Anyone who knows me well enough knows that I do not do my job for the paycheck, I do it because I truly do love what I do. Actions around me this last week have made me examine who valued me for ME, who I can truly count on, and who only cared about the bottom line… my abilities to get my job done and get it done well without a babysitter to look after me.

While I may have one foot out the door, I have truly felt as though “they” are forcing the other foot out as well. And you know what? That is just fine by me at this point! It is hard for me to adopt this point for view but I need to for my own peace of mind. I am going to be gone soon anyhow so they may as well get used to it now.