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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

She Is Fierce!

“And though she be but little, she is fierce!” 

The above quote is currently hanging front and center in our little girls’ room. A couple of people have commented that it was a very nice quote, but how could I already know her personality? Well, to put it simply… I don’t. But, if her journey into this world says anything about her then I have a pretty good idea already!

When I did my egg retrieval in August 2014, this little miracle was one of those 26 eggs that had successfully made it to full maturity at that time. Of those 26 eggs, 16 were effectively fertilized but only 8 of those embryos made it through to the point of freezing. Again, she was one of them.

After being frozen for close to 6 months, she then made it through the thawing process in the lab before being transferred into what is now her home (aka, my uterus). This, in and of itself, was a very unnatural process that she clearly thrived in because my first blood test numbers came back positive and strong!

After only a few weeks, she then faced what I could only describe as “flooding”; my hematoma scare. This could have ended very badly but, once again, she hung in there (pun intended). As I have repeatedly said when referring to this ordeal, it seems as though I was the one who was having complications the whole time… not her.

And now, nearing the end of this pregnancy, she has made it through more than 20 weeks of my battle with diabetes and she is healthy and flourishing! She has yet to show any of the usual signs that a baby of a diabetic mom generally portrays and she is right on all of her targets. Again, the only issue is me!

The joys of labor still remain to be seen, but if any of the above is an indication of her strength and resilience I think that we will be fine! I am more worried about my ability to handle things in the delivery room than hers!

So, fierce? Yes! I think so.

A photo posted on the Sher Institutes facebook page perfectly illustrates
just what some women experience in their struggles with IVF to have a baby.