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Monday, March 4, 2013

March Madness 2013

I have come to realize that March always seems to be a very busy month for me. There never seems to be enough time for anything yet SO MUCH gets done! I guess that explains why we seem to go away every February… to re-fuel!

Our trip back to DR was awesome! We have been trying to get back to that particular resort for six years now and it was definitely worth it. They have had so many issues with fraud and bad management over the years but they have recovered and it was as beautiful as ever. We didn’t really make it off the resort this time though because they were having a major heat wave! It was about 40 degrees every day when the rest of the island was at about 27-30 degrees. I admit it was nice to just sit back and relax though! I had a nice long nap on a bed by the beach one afternoon and it was refreshing! They have a timeshare package and if I had the money I would definitely be buying in and spending as much time there as possible every year! This is my new retirement plan!

We have been back for just over a week and, in the midst of work being crazy, I am now counting down to our trip to NYC! DH has his annual business trip and this year I am going with him again but for different reasons. Normally, I play tourist and shop… this time I am hanging out with Mr. Cooper! That’s right, Anderson Cooper! We will be there for three days and I scored tickets to three tapings of his talk show! The show has been cancelled at the end of this season so I am so happy I am getting the chance to go! And, yes, I know…. I am not allowed to jump up on stage, touch him, follow him around or do any other action that would be considered illegal and/or stalker-like. My only hope is that I am able to get him to sign my copy of his biography for me at some point during my time there and MAYBE get a picture with him, but being there is good enough if I can’t!

Hrm… what else? Oh! Sugar shacks opened two days ago and we were there for opening day! With things being so busy right now I wasn’t sure when or if we would make it later on so we took advantage of a quiet weekend and got our syrup fix for the year. If we make it back, we make it back… if not, there is always next year!

Anyhow, I will be a “work widow” again shortly for about a week or so and then we are off to NYC. After that we have reservations at my favorite restaurant for a belated anniversary dinner since he will be out of town on the actual date and then it’s the long Easter weekend. Still debating taking off somewhere for that weekend but we will see… I may be fed up of planes by then!