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Sunday, March 24, 2013

NYC 2013 - Anderson Cooper

What is it about NYC? Every time I leave that city I swear I won’t be back for years…. But now, one year later, we are back and loving it again! Here is the rundown of our trip!

Thursday March 21: We were up at 4am and in the air by 7am. We dropped our suitcases off at the Doubletree by Hilton Metropolitan and as soon as I stepped back outside I had a huge smile on my face. It was now 10am and I was close to being late so the doorman hailed a cab for me (first time in a yellow cab) and I went straight to the Anderson Live studio for my first taping and DH went to work. It was freezing cold, and we waited in line for a good 45 minutes, but it was worth it. Even though I was in the back row with a boom camera in front of my view most of the time it was so much fun! MariluHenner was co-hosting the first show and then they filmed some segments for another show with Wendy Williams. These shows are only airing on April 29 and May 9. Someone was there talking about a book she wrote and we all got a copy as well. Afterwards, I was exhausted so I went back to the hotel and waited for DH. From there, we did a little bit of shopping and ate at Red Lobster, of course. 

Friday March 22: I had to be at the studio for 7am this time because I was seeing 2 tapings. Despite my lack of sleep I made it there on time and surprisingly awake. Unlike yesterday’s tapings this morning’s show would be live so this was exciting. I met some fellow Canadians in line and since it was their first show and I was now the expert we stuck together – and got seats in the first row!!! I couldn’t believe it! And, even better, JudgeMarilyn Milian from People’s Court was hosting – I love her! They even had Grumpy Cat as a guest! We were given Powerball tickets this time ( no, I didn't win anything) and some SkinnyCow chocolate too. After this live show they taped a couple of segments with…. JulianneMoore! These were a lot of fun to watch and she brought Anderson a surprise – a sloth! A living sloth, 20 feet in front of me! That was cool. After this taping we went back outside into the VIP line where I met DH and we went in for the last taping of the day. We were off to this side in this taping and while I can’t recall the co-host’s name for this show I remember that his special guest was Tim Gunn! Again, love him! At this taping we got another freebie, a book on dog training from another guest on the show. And… this is also when it happened…. This was when I was finally able to…. MEET ANDERSON COOPER! After this taping I still hadn’t gotten the chance to have him sign my copy of his book, so when he went to take pictures for the show I stood in line patiently waiting for him to come out. The staff all knew what I had been waiting for and security kept telling me he was in too much of a rush but then it happened…. One of the staff let me to him! I said hi, he said hi, he asked me what my name was and where I was from and then he shook my hand, took the book and signed it! He made it out to me and everything. I am sure I babbled like an idiot but it’s all a blur. Unfortunately, because of where he was no one I was with could snap a photo but they all know that I was with him and they all watched me come out with my knees shaking. After being on cloud 9 for a while, DH and I went over to Tiffany’s to buy a necklace I have been admiring forever now and then to an Anderson inspired restaurant choice, Shake Shack, for a late lunch/dinner. After this, one more surprise… DH took me to see Chicago on Broadway!!! I have seen this show before and LOVE it. Great seats too! Honestly, best day ever! 

Saturday March 23: Lazy, sleepy, day of nothing! We woke up late, went out for a good diner breakfast, wandered around the city for a while (NYC Library, Bryant Park, Grand Central) and then came home late at night. Turned on Friday's taped show and found myself numerous times on camera! That was cool too!

So that's it. That was our trip to NYC this year. I really liked being in a live studio audience and I might try to do it again someday. Stagehands are telling you when to stand, sit, clap, scream etc... but in reality we were going to do it anyhow when we liked things so it didn't feel forced. There were only a couple of times that I felt like I was lying! Oh, and amazingly enough I got really lucky! I knew this show was being cancelled but I found out that their last day of taping is March 27th! Had DH's work trip been delayed I wouldn't have been able to do any of this! For once, his work schedule works out!