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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Round 2 (IVM): Step 4 Updates!

Firstly, I want to wish you all a Happy New Year! 2010 is over... bad luck has come to an end... and 2011 is the time for new beginnings! Ironically, on December 30th 11 eggs were collected from me. I am not into numbers, but 11 eggs going into 2011? Kinda cool, no?

Anyhow, so here is the update:

Dec 30 – 11 eggs collected but only 1 was mature. I was disappointed in this but 1 is all we needed!

Dec 31 – In the morning, no changes. The 1 mature egg was fertilized but the others were not doing much. However, in the afternoon 2 more eggs matured and were fertilized bringing us to 3 healthy embryos.

Jan 1 – Over night, 4 more eggs matured! This morning they will be fertilized bringing us to 7 embryos if all goes well.

No word yet on when the transfer will be but my wish was to transfer in 2011 and have at least 2-3 to freeze so it looks like things are going mostly as planned for once!!! For once, I have happy tears. I think  the biggest joy I have had thus far was telling my grandmother the good news. She couldn't have been happier for us and I like making her smile.

Thank you everyone for your support!!!