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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Round 2 (IVM): Step 3 and 4 - Collection and ICSI!

I had my collection done this morning at 10AM. Not my favourite experience throughout this whole process, but certainly not my worst (hysteroscopy without any pain medication takes the cake)!

First, they attached me to a regular IV drip to hydrate me. Then, a couple of hours later we were in the operating room. I was given Ativan to calm my nerves and relax me as well as Fentanyl for the pain. I will spare you all the details, but let’s just say that more Fentanyl will be requested (demanded) if I have to do this again and next time, I think DH will have to give me something other than his hand to hold because I nearly broke his fingers. Sorry! After this, I went to recovery for an hour or so and then waddled my way to the car. I am still in pain, having trouble getting up from the couch and such, but all in all I am fine. I have started taking all of the other prescribed medications as well: Doxycycline, Medrol, Estrace, and Prometrium. Oh, and lots of Tylenol! So far so good!

In the end, they collected 10 immature eggs and 1 mature egg from my right hand side only. The left ovary was not co-operating as it was hiding behind my uterus. The decision was made that 11 eggs were plenty and the additional punctures (which would have gone through my uterus), pain, and work to get to the left side were not going to be worth it. I was SO happy when I heard this! I was in a lot of pain and cramping like crazy at this point.

I was not told, but as far as I can tell the mature egg has already been fertilized using ICSI (which you can read up on here) and the others are being incubated to hopefully be fertilized tomorrow. The hospital should keep in touch daily to keep us up to date.

Transfer of the best embryo will be done within 2-5 days if all goes well and any remaining embryos will be frozen for future use.