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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Round 2 (IVM): Step 5 (Transfer) Complete!

As many of you already know, yesterday I completed step 5 of the process – embryo transfer. Assisted hatching was not used in the end as far as I could tell so I won’t bother going into details about that as I had planned. It was cool, though, to see my embryos right in front of me under a microscope! That’s definitely not something you see in a regular pregnancy!

As usual, some complications were involved (it wouldn’t be me if there weren’t any) but overall things went well and I even had a couple of little surprises along the way too (which will remain secret for now). I am off work for a couple of weeks taking it easy until my blood test as well as eating a “preggo” diet (no more rare meat or sushi), and taking my remaining medications to help things along.

Final tally on my “soccer team in a petri dish” as some of you have heard me talk about:

11 eggs were collected, out of which 7 matured and were fertilized. 1 egg did not make it through fertilization so I then had 6 embryos to work with (my soccer team). Of these 6, 4 are still splitting in the lab and cannot be frozen yet (I hope they all make it). The remaining 2 have been used as of yesterday; either transferred or frozen for later.

And now we wait and see what happens!