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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Sessions With Billie

Once again, I had another good session with Billie last week! She has a nice new, humongous, office with a huge window now. It was a gorgeous day outside so it was nice to feel like we were outside while sitting inside.

Since I last saw Billie I have actually met with my new psychiatrist as well. The hospital recognized my urgency (as well as their error) and managed to squeeze me into her busy schedule. I saw her on May 5th for the first time and will be following up with her in July at my originally scheduled session with her. She has diagnosed me with anxiety and has started me on antidepressants. I have been on them for just over 2 weeks now and have not had many side effects so far. I cannot say if they are “working” or not, but time will tell. In fact, DH is leaving on a couple of work trips, back to back, so time will tell very soon! My fingers are crossed!

Billie said she noticed a difference in me though. She said I was a lot more upbeat, positive, and clear headed. She said that I seemed to be able to work through problems and find positive solutions for myself, rather than getting stuck and feeling trapped. We discussed a variety of issues and she let me guide this session more. I also mentioned that I would like to volunteer at the LO’s daycare a bit this summer and she felt that it would be good for me, in moderation. I will speak to the daycare about this in a couple of weeks, once DH has stopped travelling. We will meet again between DH’s trips to assess how things went on his first trip and find solutions, if necessary, for his second trip. A work widow again!

I have also been assigned a volunteer through a local service. We will see each other weekly for 3 hours’ time for the next 12 weeks. Unfortunately two meetings have been cancelled so far, but we did get together once as planned. She is a nice, older, woman with a grandchild herself. I see why we were matched with each other, but if these appointments keep being cancelled I may have to switch to someone else. I need something/someone I can rely on for the summer. We will see how this goes!

The LO is 6 months old now!!! She is sitting up on her own, playing with toys, talkative, very social and loves to be with people. She has a character, that’s for sure! She is always smiling, so I must be doing something right!