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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Go With The Flo

For 10 whole years, a decade, I waited (im)patiently month after month for some sign of fertility… namely, Aunt Flo. And, month after month, nothing… nada… zip. Now, 7 months postpartum, she is possibly showing signs of her arrival. Really? Now when I no longer require your services you decide to show up? Is this really necessary?

It is validation though, for having my tubes removed. There is some truth to the stories you hear of women getting pregnant after a long period of infertility followed by pregnancy and/or adoption!

Yup, still confident in my decision so that’s good!

And when it comes to hormones, with me it seems to be accompanied by vivid dreams; only they are nightmares that are creeping back in again. At least, I assume it’s the hormones since the antidepressants have been working quite well up until this week. Something to talk to the psychiatrist about next month!