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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Our Birth Story

First sign I am a new mom? I wanted to get this out days ago but was only able to finish it up now!

Baby girl is now 9 days old and we are all doing well, for the most part. Details to come once I get around to writing the postpartum stuff… give me a week, or so!

Friday November 20: 

We were scheduled to be induced this day and I jumped every time the phone would ring, but due to lack of beds they never called. It was a very long day but a good practice run for my nerves.

Saturday Nov 21: 

Just sitting down to lunch at 12:02pm and we get the call we were waiting for! We have never moved so quickly, especially at 39 weeks pregnant! Then, the phone rings again. My doctor wasn’t convinced and wanted another stress test first. I agreed because, once again, fetal movements were low and I probably would have gone in for this anyhow had they not found a bed. After the test my doctor examined me and agreed to admit me and get things started. Yay! Excited and terrified, but more than ready!

They broke my water at about 5pm and started Pitocin simultaneously. And, WOW, did I ever have a lot of amniotic fluid! I got up to pee and it gushed all over the place! I told DH to call for housekeeping but he decided to clean it up himself – ew, gross. And the socks I was wearing? In the garbage! It was actually a huge relief though; I felt lighter already and a lot less pressure. My BFF strongly recommended adult diapers to me for postpartum care, but they ended up coming in really handy when dealing with the fluids too… and no, I am not ashamed to admit it like I thought I would be; best purchase for this whole birthing ordeal to this day!

Contractions at this point were good and close together. The pain level was bearable for a few hours, but then it hurt so much I started vomiting so I asked for Fentanyl to take the edge off in an attempt to delay the inevitable epidural. It helped, a little, but it wasn’t long before I was begging for the epidural; maybe an hour? Seriously, at that point there is no need to be a hero! I promised myself I would feel what labor felt like and I did, and it was enough!

I was a little afraid of the thought of a needle going into my spine but I couldn’t sign the paperwork fast enough. The anesthesiologist was great and I barely felt a thing! It worked its magic very quickly, but part of the tubing came loose at some point and they decided rather than fix it and risk infection they would redo it since I wouldn’t feel anything. And, I’m actually glad they did because it worked even better the second time around!

Sunday Nov 22: 

I was able to sleep most of the night but kept feeling a heavy pelvic pressure, almost like constipation times 100. Not knowing any better, I thought it was contraction related so I kept pressing the epidural button every 15 minutes (which in retrospect is probably why I slept so well). I found out the next morning that it was not actually related to contractions specifically. When they examined me, her head was turned in a way that made it difficult for her to pass through the canal so she kept banging into it and not going anywhere, slowing contractions and labor down to make things worse. Around 10am they consulted the doctor and he suggested some additional pain medication to help with that discomfort (and I use that word very mildly) and to increase Pitocin to try and get things started again for a natural birth.

Around 11am the pain medication had worn off and, after another consult, the decision was made that I would be going in for a C-section.

DH is not good with needles, surgery, blood, etc… so they left him outside while they prepared me for my C-section. The first thing I was told was that if I were to become nauseous they could give me something for that if I wanted but they prefer to wait until the baby was out. I told the anesthesiologist I already was nauseous from the pain and he handed me something to throw up in immediately. After looking at me for a minute and checking my vitals he made the call to give me the anti-nausea medication immediately. It worked quickly and he followed it up with more pain meds on top of the already effective epidural so I felt pretty good at this point aside from shivering uncontrollably, which they gave me heated blankets for.

At some point I noticed the amount of blood in the urine bag attached to my catheter (which you get once you have the epidural) and asked if it was normal. The doctor heard me and responded that seeing it himself made him confident that a C-section was inevitable for me because the baby was damaging me internally. It would have been nice for him to have seen it or someone to have told him a couple of hours prior! He then came over to talk to me and eventually asked me to remove any metallic piercings that I have (eyebrow and nose). The funniest part about this is that he cringed while I removed my eyebrow ring! I started right at him and just said “Really? And YOU’RE about to cut me open and give me a C-section?” laughing. He cringed again, smiled and walked away leaving the nurses laughing.

They finally brought DH in right before cutting me open and most of what happened from there is a blur. I know that I stopped breathing properly, again, and DH had to keep stimulating me to breathe deeply but I was so drugged up that the rest is foggy. Because it was a C-section, the doctor cut the cord and once baby was out they let DH go over and see her before bringing her over to me. They were very nice and took our first family picture for us.

After this hey started to close me up and that’s when I got a little mouthy it seems. I had said from the start that I did not want students involved in my birthing process because I was tired of being a lab rat. But, one student did politely ask if she could observe my C-section and I agreed – I blame the drugs. Anyhow, as I was lying on the table being stitched up, I could hear the doctor instructing the student on how to close me properly! Doing is not observing! I remember saying something like “can’t HE do this himself? It’s taking so much longer this way, teaching her…” and just as the words came out of my mouth, DH saw another syringe filled with meds get pumped into me and my eyes just closed.

When I opened my eyes, everything was done, DH was gone and they were ready to transfer me to recovery. And then, the scariest thing happened… they put the baby on top of me for the ride, skin-to-skin! I was still shivering and completely drugged so I asked if that was really a good idea and they said it would be fine, not to worry and that I wouldn’t drop her. They sort of wrapped a blanket around her and me together to keep her from falling off and I am glad they did because I don’t even remember traveling the halls to recovery very well. DH met me there and I think even he was surprised to see our daughter strapped to my chest! A few more diagnostics, vitals, and some morphine and we were shipped off to postpartum care!