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Friday, December 11, 2015

From Sushi To Eggs Benedict

Throughout pregnancy there’s a variety of foods you shouldn’t eat, and in my case a bunch I couldn’t have due to GD. I am still being careful with my sugars until I redo the diabetic testing, but those other foods I couldn’t have? I am hitting them one by one and enjoying every minute of them!

Honestly, I had NO pregnancy cravings, but I am having a ton of post-partum cravings now!

Ordered 15 pieces and only ate 5 because my appetite wasn’t back yet, but they were delicious!

Runny eggs:
I have had these many times, but you wouldn’t know it from how clean I leave my plate!

French toast and maple syrup:
I have to go easy on the syrup, but french toast has been a good breakfast staple here lately!

Cold cuts, specifically Prosciutto:
I think I spent a whole day having nothing but Proscuitto sandwiches…

English cream/custard:
I have some sitting in the fridge waiting for me at the moment, in Mille-Feuille form!

Iced matcha tea:
I needed the caffeine burst one day so brought out old faithful and it was delicious!

And the one thing I have yet to have and cannot wait to eat because it was at the top of my list for 9 whole months… Eggs Benedict!

Just the thought makes me almost drool. We have started going out more with the baby now that we seem to have some sort of schedule and, sooner rather than later, I am adding brunch to our adventures to finish of my list of must haves by the New Year! Since DH and I are both off for the month we can pick a quiet time mid-week and have the whole place to ourselves even.

Don’t bother giving me a menu because I know exactly what I want!