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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Re-Claiming My Uterus: Revisited

As I have written before, when “normal” couples TTC they go about it on their own without announcing each step to the world and usually a few months after they succeed they get to make their big announcement and surprise their family and friends with the news. We were almost able to replicate this once we were using frozen embryos, and it was nice to feel almost “normal” for once!

But now that we are nearing the end, we are somehow coming full circle and are right back where we started from regarding privacy issues.

I have been very open about the fact that I am diabetic (or may simply have GD, still to be determined) and that we will be induced in the weeks leading up to my due date. While this method of labor speaks well to my clinical side, it is seriously hampering the natural rhythm of things! Once again, if this were a “normal” pregnancy then my friends and family should know me well enough to know that the minute my water were to naturally break in the middle of the night I am not the type to run to Facebook and announce it to everyone. It’s simply not my style!

So why does anyone expect me to announce my induction date and feel that they are entitled to that information?

We don’t even know the details at the moment, which is driving me crazy, but my due date is clearly just around the corner and many people have started asking us for information and expect updates as soon as we get them from my doctors so they can mark it on their calendars. Um… no? While I admit I will be telling a few people for various reasons (and my prerogative), I am intentionally NOT telling everyone! I don’t want or need anyone with me in the hospital aside from DH, and that includes not having our phones/FB blowing up as well. The minute I walk into that hospital, my phone is going on airplane mode and that’s it. In fact, maybe I should turn it off as soon as my doctor schedules us!

Don't get me wrong. I really am glad that everyone is excited and rooting for us, but most of you are going to have to do it blindly from the sidelines and, most importantly, respect our privacy. And, if this offends anyone in some way and they choose to give us the silent treatment in response, now would actually be a great time for that so go ahead!

I understand and accept that a lot of people will be anxious to meet this little one in the weeks to come, and we will figure out how we are going to manage that as quickly as possible once we find a rhythm to our schedule. But, when it comes to the labor process and the first 48hrs bonding with baby I feel very strongly that this is something I want to keep extremely private between DH and I; alone and without unnecessary interruptions. We may make a few exceptions to this depending on how everyone is doing after birth, but for now this is the plan we are sticking to.

So, plain and simple… once my doctor gives me the information, DH is really the only one who needs to know the itinerary. And, if we do tell anyone else at all we expect them to keep it strictly to themselves.