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Saturday, November 21, 2015

39 Weeks!

We are 39 weeks today and since a couple of people have asked I am posting a quick update on where things stand. May be a little TMI for some.

I had a couple of Non-Stress Tests (NST) this week to make sure everything was OK with baby since my fluids are still high and fetal movements have been inconsistent. During Monday's test I was having contractions every 2 minutes so the nurse was sure I would be admitted but my OB had other things in mind. Basically, they weren't strong enough in her opinion so she sent me home where I continued contracting for more than 12 hours! What a workout! Thursday's tests were good and showed my fluids had finally decreased as well, but they are still considered high. I can feel baby move more so this is all I care about.

The contractions I had on Monday seemed to do something productive at least. I lost my mucus plug earlier this week (which was kind of gross) and have started to dilate on my own as well. I tell you, we had the hardest time GETTING pregnant followed by a relatively NORMAL pregnancy!  For the most part, everything is as it should be right now.

So, I was discharged by obstetrics and an order to induce me whenever possible was submitted. And now we wait... either for labor to come naturally or for the birthing center to call me to be induced, whichever comes first!

In the meantime, downtime with DH and continued hibernation!