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Thursday, August 20, 2015


Bottles of beer on the… nope;
Red balloons… that’s not it;
Problems but a b*… no, no no!

Days till our official due date! We are in the double digits now everybody!

I found out last week that because of my GD they will not let me go past my due date and that I will likely be induced sometime between 38-40 weeks, so we probably have less than that but we should have 99 days at the most! This is exciting and terrifying all at once! Yes, as labor and delivery get closer I get a little more freaked out about the whole thing… but, it’ll be fine, right? Right!

We have also figured out my last official day of work and that is 77 days away which is even more exciting because, long story short, I am FED UP and it isn't even pregnancy related! Happy dance!

Our nursery furniture was delivered last weekend and we are just airing it all out now to get rid of the chemical smells before I can put the clean baby stuff away. The pieces look a lot bigger in the room than they did at the manufacturers’ warehouse but I am absolutely in love with them! Hopefully we will get the crib put together this weekend so it can air out too. For those who haven’t already seen what we chose here is a picture from the manufacturer.

Once everything is aired out I finally get to see the room with my now discontinued beautiful bedding (see below) and start decorating! Well, continue decorating I suppose since I have already had a couple of custom pieces made. Is anyone really surprised that I went that route? Nope! I didn’t like the cookie-cutter art work that compliments my bedding so I made my own designs and sent them to be printed on canvas and I have a couple more projects in mind for later. I also need to figure out what style of shelving I want to put in the room once and for all because baby already has a library of books to display; surprise, surprise!

Let all of the countdowns begin!