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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day

Those of you who know me well know that I am not that big on certain holidays; Valentine's Day being one of them. But this year, I don't know... I am actually somewhat into it!

It all started when I got the idea to build a themed coloring book for my nieces, one month at a time. We were already mostly through January so I started with February which of course meant lots of hearts and love designs. My SIL loves cupcakes so, of course, I threw in one cupcake themed page for her too (which was the first drawing colored as well)!

And then that led to today's surprise project!

Today I made cupcakes! Not a rare occurrence in this house, but I took it one step further this time. I made a little cupcake decorating kit that we are going to drop off later this afternoon. Of course, this meant that I also ended up with a dozen or so for us at home too, but that's OK! The ones for the kids are pink cherry and the ones for the adults are the same but have a white mint chocolate center.  I haven't tried any yet so I have no idea how the latter turned out since it was an experiment!

Cupcake Decorating Kit
After assembling their kit I finished decorating the rest of the cupcakes and they turned out kind of cute. Wilton cake decorating supplies are awesome!

Love Cupcakes

Now that dessert is taken care of, we will be taking my MIL for dinner tonight as well. She has never truly tried sushi so we are going to an all you can eat restaurant that serves mainly sushi but some more familiar Asian dishes as well. This should be interesting!

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!