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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

And The Test Results Are In!

So I met with Dr. D yesterday, and his resident. Generally I get irritated at the site of a resident (even though I know they need to be there and all, yada yada) but it’s been a while since I have seen one so it was fine. She was very nice, informative, and clearly knowledgeable… but she also managed to scare the crap out of me! Thankfully, Dr. D smoothed things over.

So, after reviewing my TTC history again she finally got to the results of my blood tests and biopsy. For the blood tests, she explained that they basically break down into 3 categories: great concern, moderate concern, and little to no concern. All of the great and moderate tests came back negative or normal and I believe 1 of the “little to no concern” came back borderline but they didn’t seem to care which is great! Actually, since Dr. D never even brought it up with me it could have been her interpretation of the result so I guess I will ask next time I’m there.

And then there was the endometrial biopsy result. According to the test results, I had indicators of a uterine polyp. I know this may sound strange, but I have done a couple of tests in the past relating to my uterus and both times I was told my uterus was “clean and perfect”, so this was not what I was expecting to hear! Nervously, I asked her what this meant. She said 1) they will have to do the (painful) hysteroscopy to be sure and 2) I will have to delay treatment until those results come back. Wonderful!

So now I am sitting in a hallway for close to an hour, waiting for Dr. D, freaking out! I told DH I didn’t need him to come with me for this appointment and by this point I was regretting that decision. Funny story though, while I was freaking out a little in my head I overheard the resident tell another couple that my old doctor was no longer practicing at this hospital and had in fact moved back to his home country. This explains why I haven’t seen him at all and this made me very happy!

Finally, Dr. D is ready to see me and seems very positive! Good sign? Great sign! He tells me that he is confident that they polyps have already been taken care of by the biopsy itself and that I do NOT require the hysteroscopy! Which means… I don’t need to delay treatment either! YAY! We discussed a few other things that I had written down to ask him and that was it. What a relief!

Of course, I couldn’t just stop there so I started reading medical journals and studies all about IVF and polyps and what that could mean for me. And, generally, the results are quite positive! Basically, if there is a polyp in your uterus and the embryo tries to implant on or near it, there is a good chance it will fail to implant. Also a lot of the articles I read said that if you do get pregnant, there is a trend towards increased pregnancy loss due to polyps as well. So, how did the biopsy help? Well, they essentially scrape the walls of your uterus removing any, and hopefully all, debris - including the polyps. So now I have a squeaky clean surface to work with! And, a lot of studies have shown that once this procedure is complete and you proceed with a frozen embryo transfer there is an increase in successful implantation and pregnancy.

So, detour averted and we can continue as planned… including the part about not sharing our plan (even if I have to use duct tape) unless you are directly involved! Thank you for your understanding once again!