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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Writer’s Block?

I keep telling myself that I just have writer’s block, something I have experienced countless times before, but I think my problem is actually the contrary. Over the last couple of months I have drafted numerous blog entries (yes, I do pre-write for quiet times or just to get things off my chest), come up with many ideas for new things to write about, spoken to a few people about guest blogging, and more… yet I have been posting less!

 Clearly this blog has gone off focus for some time now, from where it began anyway, but that doesn’t mean that my focus in real life has in the least. I do plan do get this space back on sync with everything that is going on sooner rather than later, but I am just not ready yet; I need a little bit more time for that. Maybe that’s the block? Maybe because I am not ready to write about what I created this space for, I just can’t seem to write about anything? Or maybe I just can’t focus because I have wandered off into too many ideas?

I honestly miss writing half of the time. And not just blogging; creative writing, poetry, short stories… things I always used to do. I was half considering taking a writing class the other day just so that I could explore that side of my creativity again. Then I looked into it and asked myself when I ever needed a class to write! It sounds kind of ridiculous, no? Mind you, lately I can’t even stick to one simple book to read so maybe writing is a stretch. I used to read a book every week or two but now I have a pile on my e-reader and on my bookshelf, waiting, and I can’t seem to get into any of them.

I have also been dealing with insomnia for the last week or so again, but that is because DH is away. I try to go to bed at a reasonable hour and instead I end up doing all kinds of things that I know will keep me up. Right now, it is nearly an hour after I wanted to go to bed and instead I was fixing some of the backend of my blog, listening to a new album I got (Lorde – Pure Heroine) and writing this entry. None of which are anywhere near the idea of sleep!

And on that note, I really do need to get to bed! Maybe I need to jot down all of my ideas and try to get them into some sense of order so that I can focus on them better. But not tomorrow, because DH is coming home! Yay! No more insomnia!

Goodnight, for real this time...