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Friday, March 28, 2014

March Madness 2014

Is it already the end of March? Looking outside, it feels like Winter is only beginning. Can we get another Christmas (2 week break included)? It has been so cold this year and the snow never seems to end! But everyone keeps telling me I am not allowed to complain since we just got back from vacation!

We normally go away for 7 days in February, but that never seems long enough so I was happy to find a good price for 10 days in March instead. It fell right on our anniversary week too so it seemed like a great idea! And it was, except that I now realize that 14 days wouldn't be too long as I had previously thought! You know what that means, right? Honestly though, it was great. The weather was beautiful except for about a day of rain, and it was a resort we have been to before and love so it really felt like going home; knowing our way around, seeing familiar faces, and settling in almost immediately. We made the most of our extra days there for sure!

DH is going to NYC next week, but only overnight. I toyed with the idea of going and extending our stay there but since we just got back and everything I decided to stay home. He is being sent to Tiffany's for me though! I figured I would save on airfare and spend the money there instead!

With March going by so fast we never made it to the Sugar Shack when we usually go. Because of some recent developments health wise, part of me knows I shouldn't be going but the rest of me is shouting "go and enjoy, in moderation"... guess which side won that argument? We will be going next week! As usual, I sent an open invitation to a bunch of people so we will see what happens; we have been as little as 2 and as many as 20 people in the past with that kind of planning!