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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Spring Cleaning

This was posted by Virgin Radio on Facebook this morning and I had to share. It's so true!!!

A LIST of Things you must GET RID of in your house! Guilty! Can you add to the list? Consider this your guide to start.

The near-empty ice cream carton in the freezer
The extra packet of buttons that came with a cardigan
The ratty towel you've been using in lieu of a bath mat
Holiday cards
The treasure trove of plastic grocery bags under your sink
Promotional mugs or glasses that came free with a meal
Piles of ticket stubs, old transit passes, etc., to concerts, movies and places you don't really remember going to in the first place
Any receipts that have accumulated in your pockets or purse (unless it's something you'll need come tax time)
All the stacks of magazines you haven't touched in months
Old invitations for things
Anything you've agreed to take from your parents'
Journals, notebooks and other writing pads you've used maybe twice and then given up on
Paperback novels that didn't change your life
VHS tapes, cassettes and DVDs
Expired medicines
Office supplies you never use, such as pens that no longer work
Old batteries
Instruction manuals for appliances you know how to use
Near-empty booze bottles containing one pathetic shot
Miscellaneous cables, cords and wires
The weird secret stash of chopsticks acquired from all those times the sushi place thought you were ordering for 4 people, not 1
The stash of duck sauce, ketchup, hot mustard and soy sauce packets