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Monday, February 24, 2014

We Are The Godparents!

On Saturday, DH and I went for brunch with his brother and our SIL and they asked us to be godparents to our niece! Technically, DH will be the godparent since he is Catholic and I am not, but I get to be a "Christian Witness" according to things I read on-line. Pfft! I am a Disney fan, so I will just consider myself to be her Fairy Godmother instead! Where's my wand?

I kind of had a pretty good feeling that we were going to be asked and, at first, I was nervous because of the whole non-Catholic uncertainty of it all, but now I am gong to have fun with it!

And, my super powers have already been put to use! My SIL was shopping for curtains for my nieces bedroom and could only find one panel, but I was able to find a matching one buried at the back of the pile! Godmother to the rescue!

Ok, ok, so this is kind of exciting - even for the Protestant Aunt!