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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Kinks and Quirks

“What is kinky? Something with kinks or twists. Well that’s all of us, isn’t it?
It’s just a matter of finding who fits with your kinks.
To be loved unconditionally... that would be something.”

We all have our kinks and quirks, some WAY more than others! My whole life I have been surrounded by people with OCD as well so I am very familiar with creatures of habit. And, like everyone, I have many quirks of my own too; some that I try and break over time, others that I see no need to mess with. So, just for fun I started to put together a list of ones I recognize… and hopefully one day I can look back on these and laugh about them!

1) I cannot and will not eat out at a restaurant alone; not even fast food! I would rather starve. And, especially over the holidays, I hate seeing others eating alone too... it’s sad.

2) I habitually eat the same food over and over (yes, often day after day) until I basically become bored with it and don’t want to see it again for months! And this loss of interest can sometimes happen overnight, which is awesome when you have gone out and bought 10 of your favorite item the day before! Currently: Tim Horton’s steeped tea and a cinnamon raisin bagel with butter.

3) I hate wearing shoes. Even in the office, I am usually wandering in socks.

4) Ironically, my background is in design but I have a weakness for symmetry and patterns. For example, if I ever ask you to hang something on the wall for me I can almost guarantee you will not get it right on the first try. Unless you are DH… he has learned.

5) I have a lot of DVD's and I love re-watching some series over and over again. Whatever is not displayed on a shelf is arranged alphabetically. Don’t mess with them, you’ve been warned.

6) I will not wash my clothes in someone else’s machine and I will not wash someone else’s clothes with my own – even DH’s. Only exception, when we return home from vacation. I want to get things washed so quickly I don’t care who’s is with what!

7) I have two special pairs of underwear in my drawer. One means you need to do laundry soon, and the other means if you don’t do it tonight you are going commando tomorrow!

8) I have an inability to pronounce certain words unless I take my time, like cinnamon (usually comes out more like synonym) and icing (which is usually “icining” which is not a word). There are many others that I just can’t think of right now!

9) I have a totally irrational fear of spiders and birds, but if someone around me has a greater fear of these things then I am fine enough to protect them!

10) I am afraid of heights, but I love flying and roller coasters and I want to skydive and do the CN tower “Edge Walk”. Similarly, afraid of guns but want to go to a firing range. Conquering fears maybe?

If you can think of something I have forgotten, please send it to me. I will keep adding to this list from time to time!