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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

December Updates

“Not every story is meant to be explained.”
Khloe Kardashian, via Twitter

Did I just quote a Kardashian? What is happening to me this year?

Anyhow, it’s December. Everyone around me seems so festive and excited about the holidays but, as usual, I really couldn’t care less. The most I am looking forward to are the full two weeks off and the time I will finally get to spend with DH after he has been gone for the better (or worst) part of the last three months! I don’t hate the holidays; I just have very little interest in them for various reasons. Maybe this will change one day, maybe not. We will see!

Every year I usually end up with an internal battle about putting up one of our Christmas trees (we have a small one and a huge one to choose from) because DH doesn’t really care, but it was actually easy this year because I was so fed up last year that I just shoved the small tree in a garbage bag at the end of the season with the lights and star still on it so all I had to do was pull it out of storage! I tried to help the neighbor string her outdoor lights up, and after seeing her tree and all of her decorations I decided digging the tree out wasn’t so bad. I didn’t bother with all the ornaments though, just the lights. They are such a pain to take out of all the boxes and put away afterwards. But, I am evening thinking of putting the huge tree in the basement to surprise DH when he gets home – maybe – and I might put some ornaments on that one or it will look kind of bare.

What else?

Oh, my nephew is getting stronger and more handsome by the day! Despite the hurdles he has faced these last few months, he is doing remarkably well! He is a strong, just like his Mama, and there is nothing they cannot conquer together! Although I haven’t seen him in person since September, I get to see pictures and videos nearly every day and I am in love with the little guy! Now, if only we could get that Skype date in one of these days…. maybe tonight?

As usual this month is crazy busy, but it seems I have managed to get a pretty good schedule together this year! I have been trying to combine a lot of things too to keep things a bit cheaper. Why have 3 separate brunches when you can all come together for one, right? Everybody knows each other anyhow! Still have a couple of one-on-one things lined up but they are with people I don’t see as often so I want to keep it that way.

And, any day now, my SIL will be bringing baby #2 into the family! I volunteered to take #1 away from her but she said no… hrmph… fine! Anyhow, more on that when it happens! I just hope, for her sake, she doesn’t spend Christmas in the hospital – but I don’t think she will get that far.

And, lastly, I got some blood test results back today and I am not happy about them at all! I should be meeting with the doctor next week to go over the numbers. Hopefully I am just overreacting… we shall see!