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Thursday, August 15, 2013

August Updates

“I restore myself when I'm alone.”
Marilyn Monroe 

This summer has been ridiculously busy, and the next couple of weeks will be no different - if not worse! 

Went to the eye doctor yesterday and while my prescription hasn’t changed all that much, a new type of lens may make a world of difference! They are anti-fatigue lenses and seeing as I am on the computer almost all day, every day, it should help with strain and the resulting headaches that follow. I have tried something similar in the past and they were awful but these sound much better! I want to research them a bit more though. I also found frames that I fell in love with (like, didn’t want to take them off in the store), but they are 200$ on top of special extra expensive lenses so… not any time soon! When things calm down I am going to shop around and see what I can find. Why do I now have an eye for designer glasses? Currently sporting Ralph Lauren… may be moving on to Guess!

Tomorrow we start a 4-day mini-vacation weekend and it is cottage time with the in-laws. Aside from some horseback riding, nothing else is planned and that’s just fine with me! I have a couple of books packed (ok, well a Kobo full), my Ipod, and my tablet. If I do nothing but nothing I will be happy! I have my reservations about this whole group/family vacation plan but we will make the most of it no matter what happens. It isn’t the family that gets to me, specifically; there are many reasons why I generally prefer not to travel with anyone other than DH. In either case, we travel very well together so it usually all works out in the end… and if it doesn’t, we are by a lake so I can tell him (or anyone else) to go jump in it! 

Next weekend is another busy 4-day weekend with my BFF/sister potentially giving birth any day now, my favorite little cousins’ ginormous wedding, and my birthday of course! And, what do I have planned for my birthday? Abso-fucking-lutely nothing and I am quite happy with that! I have only insisted on a competition fueled game of mini-putt and a nice dinner out so I don’t have to cook. And, who knows, maybe I will get enough cash to buy those glasses that I want!

So, between our short camping trip earlier this summer and this long weekend coming up, I have to say that I like the 4-5 day “staycations” we seem to be doing this year. So much so that in a couple of weeks we are going camping again!  And no, I haven’t lost my mind. I like camping a lot and we have a lot of fun – but I am still researching an amazing cruise idea for winter because I still know that I belong in the Caribbean!